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Vicanpas has three granite quarries in the Spanish province of Caceres.
Our Azul Extremadura quarry is located in Benquerencia town form Cáceres and the other two (Silver Fantasy and Blueish Peaks) are located in the town of Piornal.

Frente de cantera Fantasia Plateado
Silver Fantasy Quarry
This quarry is located in the town of Piornal, this quarry has large reserves of materials and a long useful life.
Two materials come out of this quarry:
Silver Fantasy
Dark Silver Fantasy
Both are very unique quarries with amazing vein movements that makes this granite suitable for high end proyects.

Azul Extremadura Quarry
This quarry is located in the town of Benquerencia in the Spanish province of Caceres, is a small quarry but with large reserves, we extract bloks of Azul Extremadura granit, which is very appreciated to combine with other colors and for public works and very demanded in European countries such as France, Germany, Poland, etc..

Frente Cantera Granito Azul Extremadura
Blueish Peaks Quarry
Quarry located in the town of Piornal, Spain.
Following granites are extracted:
Blueish Peaks
Azul Zafiro
Frente de cantera Azul Zafiro
Our Quarries
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